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Personal Injury Compensation

We work hard to make sure that you get the maximum amount of compensation for your personal injury. Our team specialises in all types of personal injury, ranging from road traffic accidents to accounts of medical negligence. We will be able to tell you if you have a strong case or not, often within minutes - call us today.

The MIB Untraced Scheme

We will do everything in our power to try and identify the driver of the at-fault vehicle, employing techniques such as DVLA checks. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, it can be impossible to trace the at-fault driver - this is where the MIB Untraced Scheme comes into play.

If you have the correct name for the at-fault driver but they are uninsured, your claim will fall under the MIB Uninsured Driver Scheme. Both the untraced and uninsured schemes are very similar, but there are a number of differences that you need to be aware of.

When dealing with an “untraced driver” claim, the claim is submitted via the MIB's application form. The Untraced Scheme applies where you do not know the identity of the driver who caused your accident, confusingly if you know the identity of the driver but don’t know his current address the claim probably isn’t an untraced claim! There are no court proceedings involved and the MIB will pay you compensation for any injuries. The MIB will sometimes pay for property/vehicle damage but only if either you were seriously injured OR you have the third party registration number (eg the vehicle was stolen and the thief abandoned the vehicle following the accident or somebody managed to take down the registration number before the vehicle left the scene).

The RTA should be reported to the police immediately and you must get a crime reference number, this is especially important if you think you might have been given false details at the scene - don’t wait until you find out the details were false before reporting the accident to the police because otherwise you could find your claim under the MIB Untraced Scheme is already out of time.

The maximum time limit for reporting the RTA to the police is within 14 days after the accident (to claim for injury) and within 5 days after the accident (if you wish to claim for any property damage); so if you have both injury and property damage that you wish to claim for, you should make your report within 5 days of the accident but if you miss this deadline its still a good idea to report the accident within 14 days so that you can at least preserve your claim for injury compensation. Always ask for a crime reference number of incident log number when reporting the accident, keep a careful note of the date & time you reported the incident, the address of the police station and the police officers name & PC number.

There are also time limits for submitting the Application Form to MIB. The normal time limit for this is 3 years from the date of the accident except for claims for property damage for which the Application Form must be submitted within 9 months of the accident, if you miss the 9 month time limit you can still claim for the injury provided the Application is made within 3 years. In some cases, longer time limits may apply eg for children, persons lacking mental capacity etc. You should note that claims to MIB often take quite a lot longer to conclude than is the case where the at fault driver was properly insured.